Perfecting Pronunciation for Prayer

We are blessed to be able to talk to Allah whenever we want to. In Salaah, however, Allah has ordained that we speak with Him in a specific way. When we pray it is important that we pronounce the Arabic words properly, because in the Arabic language a slight change in the pronunciation of a word can change its meaning.

Join us in this self-paced online course as we learn to pray with proper pronunciation. We will look at languages that have a similar alphabet to that Arabic which may pronounce some letters differently. Then we will listen and see how we can change our recitation to the correct Arabic way. In this course, you will get a chance to practice your pronunciation with various Quranic words.

This course is ideal for anyone who is able to read some Arabic, Farsi or Urdu and anyone who would like to improve their pronunciation..



Quranic words

Course Instructors

Sheikh Ali Karmali Sheikh Ali Karmali Instructor
Qari Jalil Ahmad Qari Jalil Ahmad Instructor


1 year of access

Importance of Proper Pronunciation

1. “س”، “ص”، ث” in prayer

2. Pronunciation of “ت” and “ط” correctly

3. Pronunciation of “ع” and “ء” correctly

4. Pronunciation of “ح” and “ه” correctly

5. Pronunciation of ق ، ك ، غ correctly

6. Pronunciation of ز ، ذ correctly

7. Pronunciation of ض ، ظ correctly

8. Putting it All Together – Praying to Allah

9. Get Your Recitation Verified