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Prenatal and Postnatal Islamic Etiquette

Having a child is one of the most momentous and gratifying events in a couple’s life. A baby is a blessing and gift from Allah s.w.t. Parents want the best for their newborn. Join us as we explore the treasure chest of Quranic verses and ahadith regarding this special period in parents’ and a child’s life.

This course will have several sessions in which we will examine the etiquette and rules concerning conception, pregnancy, labour and caring for infants.
Note that the order in which the sessions will be offered may vary based on the development of participant pregnancies.
Due to the nature of the material being discussed, this course is intended for married couples only.

Sessions may include topics like:

  • Best time to conceive
  • Recommended acts during pregnancy
  • Support structures during pregnancy and labour
  • The role of the father and mother during pregnancy, labour and infant rearing
  • Recommended acts during labour
  • Easing the pain during labour
  • Breastfeeding
  • Naming of the child
  • Taharah and Najasah of children
  • Dealing with post-natal bleeding
  • Recommended acts during the first 2 weeks
  • Quranic verses and duas to be recited
  • Rules of praying, fasting, hajj and other rituals for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers
  • The role of of the extended family (parents, grandparents and in-laws)
  • Concept of family, parenting, having a child, investing in children, engaged and present parents, spiritual benefits of having children

  • First Session: Friday July 24th 7pm 5pm EST / 10pm BST (New time)
    Topics: purpose of having children, easing the pain during labour, naming of the child
    Pre-registration is required.

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    Sheikh Ali Karmali Sheikh Ali Karmali Instructor